B-More Involved


Humane Education

We take our friendly, trained and well-mannered pit bull to Baltimore City Schools, community centers, after school programs, churches or anywhere we can provide humane education and a positive pit bull experience for kids of all ages and break the cycle of violence in our city.  Topics include: anti-animal abuse presentation; safe interactions with dogs and dog bite prevention; anti-dogfighting message; how to properly care for a dog; obedience demonstrations; tricks and agility.  Contact us at info@bmoredog.org if you want us to attend your school or program.

Pit Bulls on Parade

The goal of Pit Bulls on Parade is to introduce people to real pet pit bulls and their people thereby reducing the stereotype and myths that surround our dogs.  Who can resist a pit bull dressed up in a silly collar, cute jacket or sweater?  It brings smiles to people’s faces.  Most of all, the parading pit bulls are shown to be stable and sound dogs that love attention from people, especially children.

We generally meet on a weekend day at Harbor Place where it’s guaranteed to find lots of people and kids to interact with our friendly dogs.  All spay/neutered breeds and mutts are welcome!  Look for details on our Facebook events page or email us to sign up.   Contact us for details or if you’d like to start your own pit bull walk in your community at info@bmoredog.org.

Community Pit Bull Days

This program is offered quarterly, the idea being we bring resources to pit bull owners in various low-income neighborhoods in Baltimore City.

  • We offer FREE vaccines to pit bulls and pit bull mixes; $5 per vaccine for all other dogs while supplies last.
  • Low cost and free spay/neuter resources for pit bulls, including transportation if needed. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to alter their dogs and reduce the chance of accidental litters.
  • Collar & leash exchange for pit bulls: we encourage folks to turn in their flimsy or makeshift equipment for sturdy, properly fitted collars and leashes.
  • Ask the Trainer with Pauline Houliaras, CPT including training demos with our mascot, Ruby-doo the Pit Bull, advice on common issues such as housetraining, how to provide mental stimulation and recommendations on sturdy toys for pit bulls.
  • and much more info from the pit bull owning members of B-More Dog!