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Our Board of Directors for 2013

President: Pauline Houliaras, CPT

Vice President: Jennifer Burnszynzki

Secretary: Dianna Matteson

Treasurer: Hillary Strilko


Mindy FitzGerald
Sue Loeffler
Erin Scott
Valerie Wilson


B-More Dog would like to acknowledge Erin Sullivan, Founding Member and Past President, for her dedication to B-More Dog and pit bull dogs, in general.   Thank you, Erin!

B-More Dog also acknowledges Jen “Millsy” Denning, Founding Member, for her hard work and dedication. Over the past six years Millsy had many roles, board director, events queen, vice president, treasurer, fundraising and silent auction guru. Millsy is retiring from the board but will continue volunteering for the organization she helped build.